The next big leap in battery technology

Sodium-ion batteries made for industry, business and homes

At Nation Energie we’re changing the way the world stores energy.

Sodium-ion batteries (or Na-ion batteries) are safe, reliable and sustainable, with excellent performance and are suitable for versatile applications – today and tomorrow.


How Na-ion batteries are different
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Sustainably made without lithium, cobalt or copper and with lower lifetime CO2 emissions compared with lithium-ion batteries

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Safer with low flammability, high flash point chemistry and full discharge to Zero Energy capability

Powerful across temperature ranges from -20°C to 55°C, with an Active Battery Management System (BMS) for remote optimisation

Efficient with >93% round trip cell energy efficiency

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Dependable with a 10 year warranty


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About us

World leading.
Proudly Australian.

Nation Energie is proudly Australian with roots in world-leading UK technology.

We were established in 2021 as a joint venture between ICM Investments ( and UK-based sodium-ion leaders Faradion ( Faradion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries (, a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India.


Today we’re pleased to bring world-changing Na-ion battery technology to commercial, residential and industrial ventures across Oceania and SE Asia.

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